Dear friend,

I decided to listen to A Game of Thrones this year because my heart is aching for the sixth book in the series to come out and I need my A Song of Ice and Fire fix. I’m going for the audio book this time around because time is fleeting and I would rather not spend it too much on books I have already read.

I know, I know. You are shouting, but you are rereading Harry Potter! I am. But in my defense, I am reading those books as a cushion and over long periods of time. Truthfully, I’m wondering how I will get through them all by the end of the year.

Listening to the Prologue of this book sort of shocked me because of the narrator’s voice. When I say narrator, I mean the man who narrates this audio book. I don’t like him (speaking on an audio book level, he may be a fine human being) and find it to be very jarring and old-timey sounding. We will see if my opinion changes but I must admit, I am a bit worried of getting annoyed fast.

Yesterday was the Presidential Inauguration of 2017 which means that Donald Trump is now officially the 45th President of the United States. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. I am angry. I am feeling all sorts of things. But I think it is books like this that demand to be read at a time like today. They are very political and really get you thinking about politics in our own realm. The Donald is a threat to society, there is no denying that. He is sort of like the Other’s in this Prologue. Some people know his evil exists, and some just can’t believe / admit it is true.


Okay, I know that is a stretch but it’s all I can come up with right now!

What I find interesting about the Prologue is that it sits very apart from the rest of the book. This chapter is outright terrifying! The characters are out in the middle of the woods with no one else around and dead bodies disappearing and strange shadows lurking in the distance. It is scary as hell! It seems to exist more for the series as a whole than for this book.

And I am instantly reminded of why I love these books after just listening to this Prologue. Martin totally takes on the P.O.V he is writing. He doesn’t force exposition or make things clear cut and easy to understand, but explains them in the voice of the narrator. Essentially, we are given many unreliable perspectives to read from. That makes things super complicated but super awesome. Bravo sir.


I can only imagine that this is going to be a thought I will have with every single chapter so lets just assume that the statement is relevant for the rest of this book.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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