Dear friend,

I must be honest with you; I am reading too many books. The very thing I feared would happen has happened. But I will not be overwhelmed. I refuse that title. No. Instead I will carry on and write about the multiple books I have been reading. No big deal, right?

You were honest with me when after reading all seven Harry Potter books you told me that you did not like them one bit. As much as I find that statement tragic, I accept that we can have differing opinions. It isn’t often you run into a book nerd who dislikes HP though. You can’t fault my surprise.


This is my seventh time reading the fourth Harry Potter installment which is crazy but also not really because I know people exist who have read the books way more than I have. But I have to reflect on the first time I read this book for a moment because I was 12 then and now I am 26. I first read this chapter on a school bus and didn’t comprehend it all too well. I was very confused as to how the chapter claimed Tom Riddle and his parents were killed yet Voldemort was still alive. Now I know the narrator meant Tom Riddle Sr. Oops.

This is one of my favorite chapters in all of HP. I think it is a perfect way to start off this book. It is very dark and almost reminds you of the first chapter from Philosopher’s Stone. There is a lot of mystery and lore behind the chapter and it is at these moments that J. K. Rowling gets closest to reminding me of a George R. R. Martin book. Damn, wouldn’t HP have been so much better if written in the style of George R. R. Martin? One can dream.

It is this book that starts to turn the tables on readers. For the most part, the first three books are very light and fluffy in terms of how they portray themselves. But Goblet of Fire takes this series to an entirely new level and it is apparent from this first chapter. No more fun and games muggles, this is getting serious.


Something I hope to talk about a lot more in the coming chapters is the idea of Ring Composition and how it plays a part in these books. I know we’ve talked about this before but I won’t blame you for forgetting so I will be sure and include a recap when I do address the topic. Let’s just say that this book is at the center of the series, suggesting that we have reached a halfway point and thus we should expect a drastic change in tone.

So while you didn’t enjoy these books, I hope you enjoy these letters all the same.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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