Dear friend,

Thank God for this chapter. After the last chapter, I wasn’t sure I could take much more of this book. But I found Chapter 6 to be a refreshing glass of lemonade.


In many regards, each chapter in this book almost sits as its own short story. This chapter itself really pointed this out to me and it makes me appreciate this book even more!

I sympathized a lot with Homer while reading. Maybe it is because I am anxious to go out on my own too. I long for the day when I can move out of my parents house and live independently. Homer is finally getting that chance. It is very nice to see him out of his element and getting along with new characters.

This chapter really fleshes out the new world Homer is apart of, and it also fleshes out the world he left behind. St. Cloud’s is different now that Homer has gone away. The nurses tell Dr. Larch that he will return, but Larch is not too sure.

Now to Melony…poor Melony. Never have I sympathized with her more than this chapter. Homer left her. Of course, the promise she demanded from him was not fair but that doesn’t mean we can’t see the place it was coming from. Homer was the one person she felt she could relate to, who was also older and had lived at the orphanage all his life. But he got away and she didn’t. She feels abandoned and doesn’t know if she has a place in the real world.


In a way, I guess I also relate with Melony. She is stuck and lately I’ve been feeling the same way.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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