Dear friend,

Have you ever experienced those days when you feel like nothing has happened yet you have actually accomplished a lot? Today feels like one of those days for me, as does this chapter. At it’s core is the plot that Wally is missing but most of what we see is separate from that.

Am I wrong is thinking that Homer is kind of a jerk? Look, I have always been a Homer fan. In my mind, I defend him even though he is kind of bland. But the Homer I saw in this chapter was selfish and just straight up rude. And Candy, my God is she annoying in this chapter. All she does is whine and can never make any decisions!


While Wally is missing, Homer and Candy finally give in to their desires and make love. You would think Homer, with all of his medical experience, would be smarter in this regard but he is not. You would think he would use proper protection properly. BUT NO. He gets Candy pregnant. Yay…I guess? She wants to abort; he wants to have the baby because of his moral stance. So I guess what she says doesn’t count. Great.

They go to St. Cloud’s for a few months, to cover up Candy’s baby bump and to deliver the baby. Returning to St. Cloud’s was nice and refreshing. The relationship between Homer and Larch is one I love because there is so much tension from drifting apart yet at the same time they love each other. One scene I absolutely loved was when Larch kissed the boys in the orphanage. He doesn’t do it for them, he does it for himself. He wishes he had kissed Homer more while he was at St. Cloud’s and does this to feel that connection in some way. He kisses the boys to connect with Homer, even if just in his mind. It was beautiful.

Candy and Homer return with their baby but say it is adopted, a strange turn of events if you ask me. Homer claims he adopted the baby on his own. Meanwhile, Wally has been found and is alive! So these two aren’t screwed, right?

I kind of really hate Homer now. First he completely dismisses Candy’s indecisiveness to slowly ease her into making love, then he won’t let her get rid of the baby, all while he wasn’t sure her fiance was dead or not. Like, what the hell?!? Not cool, Homer! Not cool!


I did mention that Wally has been found alive. The chapter spends some time with him in Burma, talking about his experiences and such. As you would expect in war, it is all very gruesome and terrible. Wally is no longer able to walk and can’t father any children. When he is first found by some Burma natives, he can’t even go to the bathroom without someone sticking a bamboo shoot up…well, you know where. It is a squeamish tale to behold but I enjoyed it because, once again, I like war fiction and I am weird.

Anyway, it is a strange sensation to be almost done this book. Two more chapters left. I’m in the home stretch.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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