Dear friend,

This chapter caught me off guard. The title surprised me and made me think that we would be getting brief glimpses into the past all leading up to fifteen years later. But no. It has literally been fifteen years. … I don’t know how to feel about this.

So we missed all of Angel’s growing up (forgot to mention, Homer named his son Angel after the nurse who named him, Angela). He is now a teenager. I don’t know how to feel about this plot thread. It would have been nice to meet Angel and see him as a child in the orchard but at the same time I just don’t care. Why a new character? When is this book going to be over?

I wanted to shout, “You got served!”, when Melony came to the orchard and met Homer again along with Candy, Wally, and Angel. She was having no funny business. Her reaction to meeting Angel was awesome. I just wish she would have called Homer out on his BS right then and there. But then I guess that would have ruined the climax so let us continue.

Larch’s idea about saving the orphanage is yet again something I just don’t seem to care about. Is it me, or is the book losing more and more of its appeal as it goes on? Everything I loved about this book has been dwindling away. It’s dragging on when it doesn’t need to. And let me state, I do care about the orphanage and I care that someone is there to perform abortions. But…speed it up book!


You are laughing at me. I just know it. “It’s a big book!” you cry. “You can’t speed it up!” No. You are absolutely right. Perhaps it is just that I feel more could have been accomplished in a small amount of pages? It is great seeing Homer contemplate what is right and wrong but after a while it becomes repetitious. I’m thinking this book is too long compared to what it has to offer.

My favorite aspect of this chapter was something very small, and that was seeing Wally function in a wheel chair. The chapter does nothing big to highlight this detail. It is mentioned from time to time and simply apart of the new reality. I’m glad it isn’t given this huge focus. Irving just eases it into the book as changes ease into life. I like it.

I’m glad to see Homer takes Angel to the orphanage every year for Christmas. Not so happy that Angel thinks he is an orphan while Homer and Candy haven’t told Wally the truth. Like, really people?! Get your shit together!


One more chapter to go. I am anxious. Then again, I am anxious about a lot of things. Like the fact that I would like to move out or that I need to find a job ASAP. I’m excited to keep reading, but also excited to move on to the next book. Or would you have me say, carry on to the next book?  😉

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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