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Chapter 1 discusses the book “The Cider House Rules” by John Irving. Danielle asks the question, does size matter? And she will tolerate no dirty jokes…for now. What works for this book? What doesn’t? And what wisdom does it lend to the BIG books challenge? All that and more. Happy listening.



I’d like to think that this is a spoiler free podcast, however there are times when I feel it necessary to talk spoilers. I will always announce when spoilers are near. Reference these time stamps below to avoid them.

Time Stamps

Spoiler 1 Ends @ – 14:57

Spoiler 2 Ends @ – 17:19

Spoiler 3 Ends @ – 19:47


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Podcast by Danielle Karthauser, in association with Keep Calm and Read On Blog. Music by Gabe Miller.



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