Dear friend,

Here is something you may not know about me. My decision making skills are very poor. As soon as I clicked publish on my “Project Update” yesterday evening, I began to regret my decision. My head swirled with thoughts such as, but I’ve written all of these notes for Carry On! I shouldn’t just toss them. And I would lying if I said I find strange enjoyment out of this note taking that takes forever and then condensing it all into a blog post.

And then I started receiving encouraging messages from people saying I should keep doing this but would I understand if I stopped. For those who did reach out, thank you friends. Seriously, I don’t get comments on my blogs or messages via social media often. That alone made me feel so good and encouraged me to keep doing these chapter by chapter posts.


So I felt like a bit of an idiot last night but I tried to shake it off and at least wait to make a decision until the morning. After all, I had already turned my computer off and was playing Cook, Serve, Delicious on my tablet…instead of reading. …. Man I am bad at this challenge!

There is still the concern of doing too much. That will always be a dot on my radar. I actually just got this packet about time management and am going to fill it out to see where I am wasting time and where I am being productive. I have a hard time focusing and so I know for a fact that there is tons of wasted time in my day. I scroll through social media, watch some silly YouTube videos, get mad about politics. Really, I should be working on this blog and the stuff I love!


Again, I have to thank all the friends who reached out to me after I published that post. Chapter by chapter blogs aren’t going anywhere, though I may tweak them a bit as to their size. We shall see. But in the meantime, I may just post one tonight. 😉

In other news, I’m still reading Carry On and that means I am a day behind schedule so I really need to pick up my reading pace. Maybe I should just lock myself in my bedroom and not leave until I finish the book. …Maybe…Probably won’t happen.

How do you deal with making decisions, friend? This seems to happen to me all the time. I jump the gun on a decision, then regret not thinking about it more, or regret thinking about it too much. And that decision last night was about a blog. What will happen when it comes time to accept a job offer or buy a home? The inner workings of my mind are fascinating, right?


Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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