Dear friend,


A few things I will not be addressing in this blog, but are sort of self explanatory, are as follows:

1 – Every chapter of this book is amazing;

2 – The foreshadowing in the chapters, especially when it comes to the Starks and Dany, is on fleek;

3 – This book is a literary masterpiece;

4 – The detail is on point.


I was supposed to be doing chores when I listened to these chapters, but after a long while of hanging clean clothes and making multiple piles of paperwork to look over in the near future, I sat down in my reading chair and stared out at the gray sky as the narrator spoke of the menacing Prince Joffery and the loyal Dire Wolves of House Stark. Only when my mother abruptly entered my bedroom was I pulled away from the intensity of this book.

I mentioned last time that Tyrion is one of my favorite characters and boy does he make a stunning entrance. First off, he is a man after my own heart. He loves books. It is self explanatory really. Plus, he is a total bad ass. He takes no snark from Joffery. I’m sure you can recall the famous face slapping scene from season one of the HBO show? Welp, it exists in this book and it is glorious.


The talk of Bran’s Dire Wolf keeping him alive is very romantic and…refer to #2 above. Tyrion’s mind is so interesting. He always tries to see things from a naked perspective, as they are and not as he perceives them. At one point, his brother Jaime asks Tyrion as to what side he is taking, in reference to their family vs. the Starks (or any other family for that matter). Tyrion, unlike his siblings, talks of Bran waking up from his coma after the nasty fall he had, and wonders what the boy would say.

Another thing I enjoyed about the Tyrion chapter was the dynamic between him and his family. His interactions with his siblings as well as his niece and nephews says a lot about him as a character. As previously stated, he sees things as they are. He has no time for BS.

Jon’s chapter gave us two amazing Stark moments that fans only wish could be recreated in future books. The first is when Jon says goodbye to Bran. He was lucky to have done so, as Catelyn becomes a massive bitch and and literally tells Jon that it should have been him who fell from the tower. Ouch. Geez Cat.


The second moment is when Jon gives Arya her tiny sword, Needle. I told you Arya would eventually become good at needlework! Remember? There is so much love in that moment that I wanted to cry. It is not only a goodbye between the two characters but a sort of goodbye for the reader as well, as we will not see these two together at all for the coming books. Fingers crossed we get some sort of reunion in book 6 or 7. The cherry on top was Jon telling Arya the one rule about handling a sword. “Stick ’em with the pointy end.” Just make me cry, book!


Dany’s wedding is understandably horrifying as one could expect. There is a feast (always down for that), drinking (again, good), and sex in public….yep, you lost me there book. It all sounds very foreign and claustrophobic and at that moment we are all Dany. It was a comfort to see Jorah Mormont giving her books from Westeros as a gift and Illyrio giving her the 3 ancient dragon eggs. He says the eggs have long since turned to stone, but we know better don’t we friend? Then Drogo gives Dany a silver horse. Viserys is butt hurt that he is not in the spotlight and so he threatens Dany because that is the only thing he seems to be okay at. When Drogo and Dany are about to make love, it is clear that what they are doing is consensual which begs the question, why did the show decide on rape? I appreciate both versions. The show seems to really want Dany to have to build herself up and go from extremely meek to extremely fierce. The book takes a much more realistic approach (no surprise there) and I sort of love it. Dany says that Drogo is gentle.


Robert and Ned talk of war and Targaryen’s. Robert is still deeply raged by them while Ned thinks their threat has passed. It is the Lannister’s that concern him. They talk of Jaime and how he killed the Mad Targaryen King. Jaime is a member of the King’s Guard, sworn to protect the King. Yet he also killed the King he was supposed to be loyal to. The way Eddard sees it, Jaime should not have been the one to do the killing because it is against the law which the King’s Guard stands by. He can not be trusted. Robert is having none of it. Great banter but Robert you are a freaking idiot and Ned, go back to Winterfell. Please!

Tyrion and Jon once again have some great banter as they make their way to the Wall. Tyrion longs to see the structure, while Jon is going to join up. The journey is long, made even longer by the weird voice the narrator of this audio book gives Tyrion. I’m just not used to it is all.


Catelyn’s chapter is full of a bunch of twists and turns. Some could say that the plot truly begins during this chapter, for it is at this point that an assassin comes to murder Bran and Catelyn comes to believe that it was the Lannisters who want her son dead. I loved the interaction between Robb and his mother. I loved Cat’s reflection on her sweetest son, lying there almost dead after she had wished he could stay behind with her rather than go to King’s Landing with Ned. I love her strength when she grips the assassin’s blade and doesn’t let go even though it is sinking into her skin. And I love her initiative. When she suspects the Lannisters, she takes action.

Sansa may look like her mother on the outside, but her character is far from the like. A lot of people hate on Sansa and I have to respectfully disagree with all the critique. Sansa is a character, a really good character. She is young and naive. Her mind is full of fantasies that have been planted there because of her sex, and what is to come for her is so dark and chilling. She knows not what she does for she is only a child. And I know people will retort that Arya is a child too yet she doesn’t act this way. Not everyone is built as sturdy as Arya. Sansa has to learn a different way than Arya, and I love both of them for it.

Sansa’s chapter is beautiful and terrifying all at once. Seeing her meeting so many characters I have come to know like Renly Baratheon and Barriston Selmy and Sir Ilyn Payne was great. Watching her interaction and fascination with Joffery was heartbreaking. The clash between her and Arya was lovely. Their relationship is so flawed and beautiful. And watching Arya’s wolf attack Joffery was pretty cool. Arya was a bad ass, as usual. It is clear that Sansa believes the world is good and that her Prince will treat her well, but it is this chapter that gives Sansa her first instance of this notion not coming true. From here on, she will only be lying to herself. What a poor, sad child.


Reliving these moments was like waking up on Christmas morning, if not better than Christmas morning (seeing as I get less and less excited every year at Christmastime in ways I can’t quite understand or control). Encountering such beautiful prose and characters is what gets me every single time. I’m so pumped for the rest of this book!

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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