Dear friend,

I think I told you previously that I saw the movie Moonlight in theaters. It is at times a story of the black experience yet is clashing with a story of the gay experience. At times it is beautiful and powerful. The movie isn’t as amazing as people are saying in my opinion, but its ability to reach the levels it does is a real achievement. The fact is that we don’t see stories like this a lot in Hollywood. It is unique.

Books are a bit different. We have lots of LGBT stories available to read, Carry On being one of them. While this book doesn’t quite reach the deeper levels that Moonlight does, it still does a pretty good job at tackling the subject without being overly THIS IS A GAY BOOK!

The dynamic between Baz and Simon is changing somewhat. They aren’t necessarily friends at this point, but they are being civil toward one another. Baz brings up food for them to eat while they brainstorm and of course Simon takes the bottle of milk Baz brought up and is about to drink out of it when Baz stops him. Honestly Simon, stop being a spoiled brat. That is one of my pet peeves, when people are too lazy to get a freaking glass.


In other news, my cat has been sitting on my lap by force and decided to shake her head and splash drool all over my keyboard and monitor. THANKS CAT!


They discuss the Humdrum and how he was discovered in the first place. They discuss what Simon did to Baz to defeat the dragon. It’s a lot of conversations about the plot.

Baz goes to the Catacombs and makes a really weird ass comment, saying the rats are scarce and therefore he tries not to eat the girls. FACE PALM. It seems he is saying he doesn’t eat the girls because they are the ones who have the babies…but Baz….you still need the boy rats too buddy. Then again, I don’t know anything about rat reproduction. Correct me if I am wrong.

Right now I am at the halfway point of the book and still no kissing? This troubles me greatly. Let’s speed it up, book! The sexual tension skyrockets when Simon asks Baz if they can try what they did with the dragon again. Baz asks Simon what he is doing and he replies, “I don’t know…opening?” They are holding hands. Then they enter the stars using Simon’s magic and it is romantic and everything feels perfect…until Simon ruins it by accusing Baz of being a vampire again.


Just when you think Simon can’t be more of a dick…he continues to be a dick. Agatha wants to talk with him and immediately he assumes she wants him back. Get over yourself, dude. No, Agatha does not want to get back together. She simply wants to discuss Christmas plans as her family enjoys when he comes to visit and would love to have him even if they are broken up. Before she even says this though, Simon reveals that he still expected to go to her place for the holidays. Again, dude. Stop being a dick! You have no consideration for her feelings. Luckily, Agatha shuts him down by saying him coming is not a good idea. For once, I love Agatha.


Then Simon gets an actual invitation somewhere for Christmas. Baz invites him to his house so they can continue their research and Simon is all like, hahahaha…oh you are serious? Then he says no. Sad face.


Baz attempts to apologize for what he did with Agatha the previous year but of course there is anger (of course on Simon’s part) and no words are exchanged. Ah, the classic trope of the couple that argues before they realize they are actually in love.

Baz then retorts by taunting Simon with talks of marrying Agatha. He even makes a remark on Agatha having his vampire babies and has what is possibly the best quote of the book…

“Could you imagine vampire babies? What a nightmare.”

LOL. Burn on Twilight.

Then Baz says he thought he and Simon were moving toward not wanting to be enemies anymore. Aw, sweet Baz. I was hoping for that too. But Simon…well, right now he is a douche.


The holidays have just begun and Simon decides to visit Ebb. This scene confuses me quite a bit because it seems to run on the idea of the reader not knowing anything about Ebb when in actuality, Simon should know what is revealed about Ebb. For instance, he learns her full name is Ebeneza. Wait, eight years and Simon has not once learned Ebb’s full name? Is this book performing it’s own Sin of the Uncle? After all, Harry learns some things way later than he should have, for example – THE KILLING CURSE THAT KILLED HIS PARENTS! I mean, how does he think they died? This kid loves to solve mysteries yet he doesn’t ask what spell Voldemort used to kill his parents? Now this book is taking on the same sin. This is very disappointing.

As you can expect, the conversation is forced. Ebb tells Simon how she had a twin brother named Nicky, full name Nicodemus Petty. He voluntarily went to the vampires. Then Ebb says something interesting. Simon asks if Nicky was among the vampires who killed Baz’s mum and Ebb says, “Nicky didn’t want to kill people. He just wanted to live forever.” Sounds like a thing Voldemort would do. Could Nicodemus be the Humdrum? Or maybe he is in cohorts with Humdrum? Either way, we learn who Nicodemus is and Simon rushes to catch the train to Hampshire where Baz lives.

At Baz’s home we see him playing the violin and that he apparently has half brothers and sisters. Then Simon arrives and once again Baz is blushing hardcore. He is so cute and in love. I love it. And another thing I love is this book making a reference to pop culture. This time it is Downton Abbey and I got all excited.

Simon takes notice of Baz’s outfit outside of school. He really pays attention to his jeans. When they get into a room alone, Simon tells him who Nicodemus is and puts a hand to Baz’s chest to calm him down. Simon then goes to leave but Baz tells him to stay.


Again, this is so tropey but honestly I don’t care what it is, let’s just get this romance going already.

My computer has decided to be difficult and sometimes the only way of temporarily fixing it is to hit it very hard. Of course, that may solve one problem but then it creates another which is my hand throbbing. Right now my right wrist feels numb and bruised. Why can’t this computer just function as it is supposed to?!

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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