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A little update to the header art goes a long way. What do you think of the new design? I think it pops more. I found the other one to be rather dull but did not fix it partially because I was rushed when making it and also because I didn’t have any other ideas. But I like this new look a lot and it will be sticking around for the rest of these blog entries. You are welcome.


Per the ush, we get a pointless chapter and of course it is from Agatha. Totally unnecessary. Let us move on.

Baz has decided to become a huge ass and super argumentative while Simon is gleeful. Role reversals much? It doesn’t last long…Baz being a duche and all. They await Penny’s arrival, as Baz invited her over, while prepping their white board. Baz remarks that his family will not accept Penny and Simon says if they work together, they can show how important uniting is. He then says he does not want to fight anymore. He likes kissing better than fighting. And Baz is all shocked and amazed at Simon’s words.


Penny shows up with Agatha which was totally unexpected, right? Right? And of course Agatha is confused because she has not been involved in any of this and I’m just shaking my head. Seriously book, you are creating conflict that is not needed (I’m not even going to touch on the conflict created because it is short and does not amount to anything, really). The group starts to brainstorm despite Agatha’s confusion. Baz tells them about being kidnapped. It just occurred to me while reading this chapter that both Simon and Baz were victims of attempted kidnap, only Simon got away and Baz did not. The group guesses that whoever kidnapped Baz is the murderer, who would know about the Veil lifting and would not want Natasha to come visit Baz. I must admit, I’m liking how this mystery is starting to unfold. Pat on the back to the book.

Of course Penny ends up regretting bringing Agatha with her. Duh Penny. This seems similar to Hermione in the stupid Harry Potter play, where she puts an easy riddle on her office to find the time turners. Seriously, Hermione would not be that stupid and Penny would not be so stupid as to bring Agatha along. Yet she is here, and yet again I find myself asking, why book? Then, to add fuel to my fire, Agatha insists Simon come home with them and he leaves! What? No! Don’t make these two love birds part!


Baz reflects that his relationship with Simon was too good to be true, that he still has a mission to complete for his family, when who should return but Simon and I can’t stop smiling. They both get dressed for Sunday dinner. Then we switch to Simon’s perspective (grrrrrr) and he tells how he ditched Penny and Agatha. Basically Agatha was ranting and Simon said, eff this, and rolled out of the car. Despite the pointless need to take Simon away from Baz, there is some good content to be found at this point. For example, Simon reflects on telling Penny about his kiss with Baz and what her response would be. Penny talks about how there should be magickal law enforcement, social programs, and a department of health and wellness. A Sin of the Uncle if I ever saw one. It feels good to bring that up again!

Simon running off back to Baz calls to mind a scene from Napolean Dynamite where he is just running down an empty dirt road. I picture Simon running in a similar fashion except surrounded by snow.


At dinner, Simon reflects that the food here is better than Watford. Woah woah woah! That is a big statement to make buddy! Bold claim Simon. Then after dinner, Simon explains why he returned and then says he was a bad boyfriend to Agatha. Yep, you are pretty much spot on there Simon. But he loves what he and Baz have and he wants to be Baz’s bad boyfriend. Stop it. You are giving me a heart attack. I can’t take the chemistry between these two. It is just so wonderful.

Penny and Agatha have an argument where Agatha is all like, why do we always have to be solving mysteries? Can’t we do normal things? It seems Agatha is fixing a Sin of the Uncle. Seriously, can’t Harry, Ron, and Hermione just listen to the radio for a change?

Agatha talks about how magic becomes watered down the more siblings you have. That is….interesting. Her parents want her to marry a powerful mage, and then this brings up a memory of a time when she dated a Normal. Then Agatha asks her mom about Lucy and her mom goes into how Lucy caused a big scandal. It was rumored she ran off with a normal and had a illegitimate child. Simon?! Chapter ends with an interesting statement…

“Maybe [Lucy’s] raising [her baby] in the Normal world. Maybe that’s the gift Lucy Salisbury gave herself and her child – not to have to grow up with all this shit. Not to have the Mage as his dad, and a world at war for its inheritance. That kid got off. And Simon got stuck with it instead.”

It is funny because she reflects the kid got off and the burden went to Simon but I am now convinced they are the same person. This also points at my theory that Simon is the Mage’s son!


Lucy’s chapter is how we will end this and it is pretty packed with content, an unusual look for Lucy who is usually a woman of little words. She says she and Davy had dinner with Penny’s parents and they talked politics. She talks about how she felt trapped with Davy and how she got chickens but then Davy killed them. Wow. That is pretty dark. Then he tells her that they could create the savior and he starts to…seduce/rape her? Damn, the Mage is a real turd!


We are nearing the end of the book and suddenly it’s like, oh no! We need to solve this mystery! Let’s kick into hyper drive. I won’t complain about that because at least we are moving forward at a steady pace.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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