Dear friend,

I want to be real with you. I’m not in the mood to write to you right now. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy writing to you. I love it actually. But right now I’m feeling very discouraged. It’s been a tough morning of setting goals and almost reaching them but not quite enough, so that I am left feeling like everything I do is unfinished and I am not completing anything and there is not enough time in the day nor do I have enough energy to achieve everything I desire. It just sucks. I’m sorry to start this letter off on such a negative note, but there you go. Plus, if my computer continues to roar like a motorcycle I may have no choice but to throw it across the room.

This section I am tackling today starts with a Nicodemus POV chapter. I don’t know whether I should be excited or annoyed. The chapter certainly caught me off guard. It gives us a bit of a look into Ebb’s life since Nicky left to become a vampire. But the basic reason for the chapter is that we discover Ebb has been kidnapped — by the Mage.


Now, here is my issue. Ebb is not a character we have come to know very well. She is the equivalent of Hagrid but is not given the time of day as Hagrid, nor the respect in my opinion. Sure it mentions occasionally that she is a super powerful mage but that is it. There is more description of her smell and runny nose than her talent. The fact that we get so little of her and are supposed to care is very jarring, and it isn’t an appropriate way to treat a character who is so important to the plot. For a book that seems hell bent on creating good character and fixing Sins of the Uncle, it is performing way too many sins of its own.

I know I bring this up all the time now but I still hate these back and forth POV chapters. They are very distracting and just…so clumsy. It isn’t that the content is bad, but the execution is really poorly handled.


Simon wakes up to find Baz is not in the room and a familiar itching feeling has come over him that can only mean a dead spot and that the Humdrum is nearby. Simon then runs outside to find Baz and the Humdrum in the trees, Baz not in his right mind and the Humdrum being all cryptic. Simon sets Baz right by putting his magic into him (is this a sex metaphor?) and then Baz feels like a phoenix, burnt by the Humdrum but then reborn by Simon.

Baz asks the question that I never thought to ask – is Simon the Humdrum or is the Humdrum Simon? He is convinced it is one of the two and although I do not want to engage in his theories, I can see why he would produce them.

Simon reflects on the cryptic words the Humdrum used:

“Did I take [Baz’s] magic? No. I don’t take anything. I’m just what’s left when you’re done.”

So, I hate dialogue like this that is cryptic and clumsy. I get what it is saying though. It seems Baz theory is correct but my mind hasn’t fully wrapped itself around it just yet. But this brings on more questioning from Baz who wonders how he can be in love with someone who is the villain? He voices his concerns and Simon insists he is not the Humdrum. As they walk, the familiar itching returns as they walk into a dead spot. Baz tells Simon to leave because his family will never forgive him if he is there. If Simon wasn’t there, this would not have happened.

Simon runs away through the snow and summons wings. This time they are dragon wings and all I can think is…


…but Penelope, upon Simon arriving at her door with the wings, points out they remind her of the devil and that makes more sense. After all, they are red and black. Face palm moment on my part.

Penny and her parents clean Simon up though they cannot get rid of the wings and tail. Yes, he has a tail. Penny’s little sister Priya then suggests that Simon has evolved like a Pokemon and Priya is now my favorite character of this book.


Penny’s dad explains that this latest dead spot is the biggest one in Great Britain. Baz’s family took it as an act of war by the Mage. Baz comes over to Penny’s and they go over all of the recent events, concluding that Simon has so much power that it is him making holes / dead spots. The Humdrum just encourages it. This makes a lot of sense and I am heavily invested in how they are going to fix this.

I am glad Baz returned to Simon and did not ditch him after what happened and how his family reacted, but now all they do is argue for a chapter. It is basically a question of what is more important? Baz’s mother or the Humdrum stuff? OR, are they connected? I mean, I wouldn’t put it past this book and am kind of bothered that these apparently smart kids haven’t made the connection.


With not much more of this book to go, I’m wondering how it is all going to wrap up. There are only about 10 chapters left I want to say, yet we still have this mystery to solve and the fallout of it. I’m just hoping this doesn’t pull a Breaking Dawn on us and end too quickly.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.



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