Dear friend,

Since I wrote to you earlier today, I am in a much better mindset. This is partially due to the fact that I just accepted the fact that there were certain things I did not get done today and that is okay. There is always tomorrow. After I finished writing, I went outside and drove out to lunch. Although the thermometer read 34 degrees outside, it didn’t feel as cold as I expected it to. The air was refreshing and much needed. After I returned home, I finally sat down to watch the movie Sicario which I’ve been wanting to see for ages. It was good. Nothing amazing in my opinion. Naturally, Emily Blunt kicked ass.

But you know who doesn’t kick ass? Baz. In fact, he almost gets his ass kicked by the Numpties again. After going to their lair, he demands they tell him who wanted him kidnapped. They reply saying, one of you. Green. The Mage? I seem to recall him being described as wearing Peter Pan type clothing, which would be green…


Then Nicodemus strides in and announces he is the deus ex machina of this point in the story. Not only does he save Baz from the Numpties but he confirms that it was indeed the Mage who tried to have Baz kidnapped and succeeded in having his mother killed by sending vampires to the school. Called it! Though, I don’t think Dumbledore would have ever gone this far for something like that.

Anyway, they leave the lair and apparently Penny is there in the form of a Normal’s dog. She barks that they need to get to Simon who is going to the Mage alone. Because that isn’t stupid.


Baz refuses to let Nicodemus come along with him being a vampire and all. But this begs the question…dude! You are a vampire! Do you not see what is wrong with this picture? The whole point of your character is to show empathy for people who are different and not lump them into a category. You ass hole, Baz!

Meanwhile, Agatha sneaks out of her house. Great.


And now for the stupid back and forth section of this recap letter. Simon leaves after Penny tries to talk him down. He sprouts wings again and flies away. This is the moment Penny became a dog and found Baz. Right.

We end with another Lucy chapter. She and the Mage visit a tower known as the Oracle tower. They are going to have a powerful child. The time has come children. They light 7 candles and Lucy asks the question many are asking, why always 7? Well Lucy, 7 is a very prominent number in the Bible…


…and then her pelvis glows gold….yeah.

There isn’t much to say at this point. The plot is moving along. It is clear the Mage is our villain. Simon is properly performing the role of main protagonist / hero by trying to do things alone. Good on you Simon. So overall, nothing much happened so I’m just looking forward to the end of this book and our final confrontation.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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