Dear friend,

I should clarify that I am not excited about finishing this book. My main point of excitement is that I am finishing writing about this book. Like, I had to put up with the book itself once and now I am having to relive it. I just find no value in it compared to Cider House Rules, a book that feels so far away from me right now even though it has only been a little over a month since I finished that book.

The Epilogue of this book is just some basic housekeeping. It isn’t a necessary read but it is a nice addition to what we have been given by Rainbow Rowell. And, to be honest, I like the book better with the epilogue. It includes most of my favorite character moments of this book. So there ya go.


We first hear from Penelope. This chapter probably contains the least amount of substance. It is officially confirmed that Simon is no longer magic but a Normal. We also learn that after the events at the school, Penny’s mum is appointed head mistress by the coven. Applause. That makes me genuinely happy.

Baz’s chapter talks about how he is the only person in the group to return to Watford. You may remember that all of these events came to a head during the winter holidays so there is still half a year left of school. This is the first time I am recognizing another Sin of the Uncle. In every single Harry Potter book, the main conflict always built up to a confrontation and info dump at the end of the school year. Also, props to this book for generally staying away from info dumps.


Baz graduates at the top of the class. My question is – what was his graduation project? What spell did he make up? This was something I was really looking forward to and it is never addressed. It is completely forgotten. What. The. Hell. Book.


Baz lives near Simon though he refrains from telling his father that he is “hopelessly queer.”

Apparently Simon still has his wings and tail and no one can magic them away. Ehhh….okay? That is potentially problematic, lol. Simon attends Watford’s…graduation ceremony? I honestly forget but in my head that makes the most sense. Please, spare me the admiration for my excellent book reviewing skills. I know, I am so good at remembering things.


The boys dance to a Nick Cave song together and are so in love. It is adorable.

Then we get an Agatha chapter and what may be my favorite chapter of this book. I know, such a surprising turn of events! As I turned to this chapter, I wondered what Agatha could possibly say to add anything to this story. So far she had been more of a wet blanket and needless POV.

But this chapter is just…good. It is relaxed and confident and just plain good. It isn’t very long. My notes only take up one line in my notebook. Agatha now lives in California and lives a Normal life. Suddenly I am wishing Agatha was the main character of this book. I would love to read / watch a series portraying Agatha’s time at Watford all leading up to her decision to be Normal. Once again here is a Sin of the Uncle, that not every magickal person sticks with magic. Sometimes they just want to be Normal. And that is really cool.

But of course we have to end this book with a Simon POV. Penny and Simon are moving in together (as friends, of course). The dynamic of our trio (Simon, Baz, and Penny) is very nice and relaxed like the previous chapter. I like it a lot…and someone please stop me from saying that I want another Simon Snow book documenting his life as a Normal.

There is a moment when Penny’s dad says that magic may return to the dead spots, just as plants grew in Chernobyl and that makes me so happy. That is such a beautiful statement of hope and reality mixed together in the best way. We need more of that.


But my favorite part of this final chapter is the last line from Baz that I believe is a deserved ending for this book.

“Go on, then…Carry on, Simon.”

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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