Dear friend,

My mind is swirling with so many thoughts right now that I don’t know how to start off this letter to you. Hopefully I can speak my mind with clarity as I continue writing.

Going into this challenge, I knew it would be hard. I knew it would tire me and I knew it would push me to read more than I ever have. The beginning of this week hit me hard and I was just exhausted. My head ached from lack of sleep and the amount of responsibilities that kept piling up. And yet I am enjoying this process. I like reading these big books.

Looking forward, I am excited when I see all the titles I will get to read this year. Hell, I am even looking at the titles on my list for 2018. I think 2018 will be the year of small books. That sounds about right, right?


With March edging nearer, I am painfully aware that I have only read 3 big books this year and have a lot more to go. While I love reading and writing about what I read, I am learning that I need to take some sort of a step back.

My first update was me sort of letting off steam without properly thinking about what my choices would mean. Now, having plenty of time to think things over, I see a new future for this project. This future involves less letters to you.

Writing those Carry On letters was a bitch. Like, I grew to hate writing about that book and writing to you and that is not what this project is about. Once hate comes into the mix, it only leads to failure and misery. This challenge is supposed to be fun and, well, challenging, but not something to turn me off to the project I set forth to accomplish. Plus, I never want to hate writing to you. I love writing letters to you.


So, if I am cutting back on letters, what does this mean? In the grand scheme of things, not much. For the most part, this project is going to look like it always has. I will be posting a podcast shortly (hopefully today, fingers crossed) and from now on I will be writing letters once a week. This will put my mind at ease yet still allow me to discuss what I have been reading with you.

I know you will appreciate this change as much as I do. I sensed you were getting sick of the amount of letters you received from me on a daily basis. Now, this will give both of us a break, and it will give me a chance to focus on other things such as my hub blog, Keep Calm and Read On, and catching up on Top Chef….I mean reading.


Lots of fun changes are coming and I am super excited. It also helps that the weather is absolutely gorgeous outside. I hope the weather is nice where you are.

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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