Dear friend,

I listen to chapters from A Game of Thrones so quickly that often I write nothing down about them. Then, my time is stretched so that writing chapter notes has to be put to the wayside. Thus, I am going entirely by memory for these chapters. And, if we’ve learned anything, my memory sucks. Well…that isn’t entirely true. I guess I should say when it sucks, it really sucks. It is an extreme. To summarize, this letter won’t be too focused or concerned with minute details as I usually try to be but of late have ignored.


Over the years I think my love for these books has been combined with my love of commentary on these books. When I first began watching the show and reading, I listened to “Game of Owns” or more commonly known as GOO. Then I transitioned to listening to “Cast of Thrones.” Now I am keeping up with the “Practical Folks” on YouTube and I am loving it. Anytime people gush over these books, I am there.


I find as I listen to this book, I am constantly thinking one thought. Or rather hoping one thing. I am always hoping that the events of the book will change. Ned will live. He will leave King’s landing before Robert dies. His children will be safe and his family reunited. But that isn’t the case. My brain seems to think if it wills it enough, it can change the plot of a book. Knowing what transpires, my hearts always sinks.

I am also finding that I enjoy the narrator more and more. His interpretation of the characters is quite enjoyable and I really love it.

As I listen, details crop up that I had long forgotten about such as Catelyn’s trip to the Eerie or Arya running away from the Prince and Princess as not to be recognized.

But the biggest question that pecks at my brain is – why this book? Why does this book resonate with me so much? Is it the fantastic writing style or the dark aspects or the complex characters? Or is it just that the book came to me at the right place at the right time, when I was longing for a dark series that wasn’t being dark for the sake of being “adult”? I’m not sure. But I am so glad I have read these books and I am reading them again!


And with that short letter, I bid you farewell as I am cooking a blue apron dinner tonight. Will post pictures on Instagram. #foodie #itakepicturesoffoodbecauseithinkiamcool #iamcool

Until next time, friend. Danielle.


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