The Early Stories: Olinger Stories

Dear friend, I have decided to read one short story by John Updike a day and so far the process has been okay. Some days I read and I find the story to be so incredibly beautiful and moving and wonderful in every way. Other days I skip reading and so have to read two…Read more The Early Stories: Olinger Stories


The Portrait of a Lady: Chapters I – XVIII

Dear friend, At long last, I am here writing to you once more. I have been super busy.'s kind of a problem. Let me put it to you this way. My day is made up of several different things. There are my responsibilities at home, my writing time, job hunting, and then there is…Read more The Portrait of a Lady: Chapters I – XVIII

A Game of Thrones: Chapters 16-34

Dear friend, I listen to chapters from A Game of Thrones so quickly that often I write nothing down about them. Then, my time is stretched so that writing chapter notes has to be put to the wayside. Thus, I am going entirely by memory for these chapters. And, if we've learned anything, my memory sucks. Well...that…Read more A Game of Thrones: Chapters 16-34

All the Light We Cannot See

Dear friend, This letter is coming to you later than usual. I apologize. This week has kept me very busy and although I would like to blame it on productivity, I have to admit that it also has to do with my recent obsession with the Uncharted games for the Playstation 4. #cray #sorrynotsorry…Read more All the Light We Cannot See

North and South: Chapters 1-42

Dear friend, You are a history buff, something I most certainly am not. I'd like to think that I could pick up a huge book about the beginnings of America and read it without getting tired or bored. However, I should not kid myself. I have always struggled with history. Then again, I've struggled with most…Read more North and South: Chapters 1-42

The Book of Bebb: Books 2 – 4

Dear friend, There is this bargain store about 25 minutes from my house that my mom and I visit on occasion. Surprisingly, they have a good selection of books. It had been a while since we shopped there so we took a drive over. The store is kind of chilly, and the farther back you…Read more The Book of Bebb: Books 2 – 4