Carry On

PODCAST ~ Chapter 2: Carry On; In Which Danielle Keeps Mispronouncing Rowling -

Listen @ PodOmatic | iTunes | Google | Stitcher Chapter 2 discusses the book “Carry On” by Rainbow Rowell. […]

Carry On: Epilogue - Dear friend, I should clarify that I am not excited about finishing this book. My main point of excitement is that I am finishing writing about this book. Like, I had to put up with the book itself once and now I am having to relive it. I just find no value in it compared…Read more Carry On: Epilogue
Carry On: Chapters 80-85 - Dear friend, I’ve been super busy these last few weeks. Between writing these letters, reading, and keeping up with the other responsibilities in my life, I am sort of in over my head. I know what you would say — take a step back. Focus on what is truly important at this moment. So that…Read more Carry On: Chapters 80-85
Carry On: Chapters 76-79 - Dear friend, Since I wrote to you earlier today, I am in a much better mindset. This is partially due to the fact that I just accepted the fact that there were certain things I did not get done today and that is okay. There is always tomorrow. After I finished writing, I went outside…Read more Carry On: Chapters 76-79
Carry On: Chapters 70-75 - Dear friend, I want to be real with you. I’m not in the mood to write to you right now. It isn’t that I don’t enjoy writing to you. I love it actually. But right now I’m feeling very discouraged. It’s been a tough morning of setting goals and almost reaching them but not quite…Read more Carry On: Chapters 70-75
Carry On: Chapters 63-69 - Dear friend, A little update to the header art goes a long way. What do you think of the new design? I think it pops more. I found the other one to be rather dull but did not fix it partially because I was rushed when making it and also because I didn’t have any…Read more Carry On: Chapters 63-69
Carry On: Chapters 61-62 - Dear friend, Reflecting on only two chapters doesn’t feel like much. Considering this books track record, chapters are usually either packed with content or just short pointless beings. There is no in between. But now we have entered a new phase in this book – the multiple POV phase. Do not expect a single narrator…Read more Carry On: Chapters 61-62
Carry On: Chapters 55-60 - Dear friend, This book has its highs and lows. At times I am in love with it and other times I am shaking my head asking if this is any better than Twilight. This first chapter is certainly a head shaking moment. Up until this point, chapters have been split up via POV’s and that is…Read more Carry On: Chapters 55-60
Carry On: Chapters 46-54 - Dear friend, I think I told you previously that I saw the movie Moonlight in theaters. It is at times a story of the black experience yet is clashing with a story of the gay experience. At times it is beautiful and powerful. The movie isn’t as amazing as people are saying in my opinion, but…Read more Carry On: Chapters 46-54
Carry On: Chapters 42-45 - Dear friend, Have I mentioned to you that I hate winter? I hate it with a passion. A few days ago we received a massive amount of snowfall that has dressed our lawns and sidewalk curbs. Yesterday I pulled up to a friend’s house and opened my car door to a gray, hardened mass of…Read more Carry On: Chapters 42-45
Carry On: Chapters 37-41 - Dear friend, Earlier this week I came up with the brilliant idea to make a cooking website. I didn’t make it for attention as I have no real interest in cooking (it is a light hobby and a means to eat) but because I find so many recipes online that I wanted a place to…Read more Carry On: Chapters 37-41
Carry On: Chapters 29-36 - Dear friend, I can’t begin to tell you how freaking excited I was to enter part 2 of this book. It starts out with a Baz chapter. Baz! The Baz who has been built up in our minds by Simon as this evil dark magician who also may be a vampire. And going into it,…Read more Carry On: Chapters 29-36
Carry On: Chapters 19-28 - Dear friend, I am very aware, with everything in the media lately, that I’m missing out on an important experience which is reading diverse books and books written by refugees. Their voice is a needed one in today’s politic climate. I’ve added a ton to my Amazon Wishlist and will most likely be buying some…Read more Carry On: Chapters 19-28
Carry On: Chapters 10-18 - Dear friend, I went to see Moonlight earlier this evening by myself. Lately, I have been on a going to the movies by myself kick. The experience is liberating, and the only reason I started doing it is because I have a ton of Fandango and gift cards. Next on my list is Lion. I…Read more Carry On: Chapters 10-18
Carry On: Chapters 1-9 - Dear friend, We are now onto the second book in the year of big books! This is one I have been anticipating since last June when I read first read a book called Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. I want to be honest with you. Everyone loves Rowell and so my expectations were high when I…Read more Carry On: Chapters 1-9

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